Netflix Disrupting Netflix

Netflix has discussed licensing older movies like its 2018 thriller “Bird Box,” which starred Sandra Bullock, to ViacomCBS’ CBS network, for example. Similarly, late last year, Netflix and NBCUniversal, which had just launched its Peacock streaming service nationwide, discussed Peacock licensing some older movies and shows from Netflix, such as the 2018 film “The Christmas Chronicles” starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, according to people familiar with the situation. Neither set of discussions led to a deal, however.

Netflix’s willingness to discuss licensing older programs suggests the company has concluded that older movies, at least, don’t help bring in new subscribers or retain old ones.

How long until Netflix considers a true, post-Covid-19-style North American theatrical window for its movies?

How pissed are you if you sold a movie or TV series to Netflix and the deal didn’t include a piece of non-subscription revenue?



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